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Hotboxx Rental Services

19" System test emulators

With the increasing heat generated from the latest server technology it has become imperative to estimate the environmental and power demand before either Data Centres are built or equipment installed in existing Data Centres.

To emulate, in so far as is possible, those demands there is a choice between a full software based examination or just placing fan heaters for a 'best guess' alternative.

HOTBOXX exists to fill that gap between expensive and subjective software for Data Centre heat dissipation assessment and the simple but inaccurate employment of space heaters to simulate possible hotspot scenarios.

Each 19" mounted HOTBOXX comes with dual stepped heater control and variable fan controls allowing for complete server environment simulation when and wherever required.

By renting a HOTBOXX any Data Centre from the small room to large data halls can be pre tested before the servers are installed.


  • Variable power settings 1.0KW, 2.0KW, 3.0KW & 4.0KW
  • Temperature sensors and displays for air entry and exit temperatures.
  • Rear sensor includes a 300mm lead for positioning within the cabinet.
  • (sensor accuracy +/- 5%)
  • Temperature safety cut-outs on heaters
  • Variable airflow - please contact office for data
  • Dimensions: 6U x 700 deep
  • Power Supply: Dual 230V 10amp IEC C14 sockets - adapters on request
  • Accessories

  • Adapters to IEC C14 to IEC C13/C20 UK 3 pin etc can be supplied
  • Data loggers can be supplied for continous temperature recording within and outside the cabinets.
  • Front panels and fixings to fill the gaps
  • Installation