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HOTBOXX-i - The Next Generation of Intelligent Server Emulators

The HOTBOXX-i is the latest server emulator from E1E10.

Combining a redesigned air path with state of the art controls and network capability, the HOTBOXX-i offers the most accurate and reliable test of your data centre’s performance.

Not just a heat load, but the most accurate delta-T temperature for the whole depth of the cabinet on the market.

The HOTBOXX-i boasts a heat output of up to four kilowatts, and an airflow volume of up to 1200m3/hr. This means that it can maintain a temperature difference from inlet to outlet of 10ᴼC at full load.

HOTBOXX-i’s sophisticated controls mean that the temperature difference is true and constant, the fan speed modulating automatically to maintain the Delta T selected or it can be programed to differ during the tests.

HOTBOXX-i’s become even smarter when networked together. Via OrcaView software, an entire data centre can be tested from your laptop. Heat loads can be changed, temperature differences altered, and test start times and durations pre-programmed.

OrcaView also records everything that HOTBOXX-i monitors – power consumption (so that you can be sure of actual heat loads), fan speeds and air volumes, air on and air off temperatures, plus up to five additional temperatures outlets plus a humidity outlet per HOTBOXX-i.

PLUS-To be certain that your back up power supply can cope with a full load changeover HOTBOXX-i also incorporates Automatic Transfer Switches, allowing the emulator to maintain full load operation on “A” or “B” feed.

The HOTBOXX-i sets a new standard in server emulation and data centre performance and resilience testing.

The HOTBOXX-i offers:
  • Full remote control and monitoring: control all the functions of the HOTBOXX-i and examine monitored data without having to enter the test space.

  • Automatic A/B Feed Changeover: allowing realistic load tests of backup/secondary power supply systems.

  • High Power Density: up to four kilowatts of heat from each 6U HOTBOXX-i unit.

  • Plug and Play networking: daisy chain as many HOTBOXXi units together as required – set up and run tests on an entire data centre from a laptop.

  • Accurate, maintained Temperature Differences: step-less speed control of efficient backward curved centrifugal fans (that pull air over the heater elements rather than push it) delivers constant TD’s based on applied heat loads, exactly emulating server behaviour