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What We Do

We offer a comprehensive service to carry out environmental testing within the Computer Room or Data Centre. This test is generally known as an IST (Integrated System Test).

An IST simulates a full range of possible real-world operating scenarios to assure that all separate systems, once commissioned independently, would operate properly as an integrated system.

We can also give a health check indicating where costs can be saved. To supply this service we utilise the latest calibrated test equipment to give an up to date picture within your Data Centre.

What We Supply

Make the most of the one opportunity you have to ensure the integrity of your cooling and power infrastructure prior to going live. As well as offering the Hotboxx Environment Simulators for onsite testing, we also supply a wide range of 19" cabinet accessories as used in any Data Centre or Communications Room.

Please enquire for our range of front panels, fixings, replacement tiles, cable grommets etc. and any special components you may need designing and manufacturing.

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