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Combining a redesigned air path with state of the art controls and network capability, the HOTBOXX-i offers the most accurate and reliable test of your data centre’s performance.

Not just a heat load, but the most accurate delta-T temperature for the whole depth of the cabinet on the market.

The Next Generation of Intelligent Server Emulators
The HOTBOXX-i is the latest server emulator from E1E10
Intelligence at its core

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  • Heat output 5kW peak (across input voltage range), linearly adjustable in at least 100 steps.

  • Control modes to include: 

    • ​Constant power output -0 to 500W

    • Constant temperature delta – 8C to 18C (may restrict at high airflow)

    • Constant output temperature – input temp to 40C (may restrict at high air flow and/or low input temperature) 


  • Peak airflow of 1080m3/hr linearly adjustable from 0 in at least 100 steps

  • 12 off 80x80mm separately configurable fan units to allow positioning of the airflow across the surface area of the rear panel


  • Power to be supplied from 4 off IEC C20 connectors, all rear panel mounted.

  • Input voltage range 220-240V (Nominal: 230v)

  • Power routing to allow for two separate supplies with no phase-to-phase alignment requirements.


  • Custom rear panel interface (RJ45) to remote temperature/humidity probe (8 off)

  • Front panel 10/100 Ethernet (RJ45) control the logging interface.

  • Front panel USB-A connector for future use.

  • Front panel 4x20 backlit character LCD and pushbuttons to provide basic control and logging functionality.


  • Firmware for all internal processors and controllers to be provided.

  • Windows PC application to provide logging and control for up to 1000 network attached Hotboxx units.


  • Compliant with 2006/95/EEC (LVD)/UK Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994.

Data Logging

  • Internal logging of temperature and process parameters (including power output, air flow settings) up to every 10 seconds for at least 50 days.

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The HOTBOXX-i sets a new standard in server emulation and data centre performance and resilience testing

The HOTBOXX-i offers:

  • Full remote control and monitoring: control all the functions of the HOTBOXX-i and examine monitored data without having to enter the test space.

  • Automatic A/B Feed Changeover: allowing realistic load tests of backup/secondary power supply systems.

  • High Power Density: up to 5 kilowatts of heat from each 6U HOTBOXX-i unit.

  • Plug and Play networking: daisy chain as many HOTBOXXi units together as required – set up and run tests on an entire data centre from a laptop.

  • Accurate, maintained Temperature Differences: step-less speed control of efficient backward curved centrifugal fans (that pull air over the heater elements rather than push it) delivers constant TD’s based on applied heat loads, exactly emulating server behaviour

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